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Mellor Engineering is a trusted source for
superior structural engineering forensic and design services.

With expertise that can only be gained from a lifetime in the business, Mellor Engineering provides unparalleled client care while embracing the values of truth and understanding through engineering.

We take pride in our excellent work and attention to detail.  Every building is unique and requires building specific attention to detail.  We provide California structural engineering services for a diverse scope of projects and clients.  Mellor Engineering focuses on excellent client communication and utilizes solid structural engineering evaluation and judgement to provide unparalleled service.

Structural Design

Our work encompasses a range from large scale projects to smaller scale residential work and everything in between.

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Insurance Industry/ Forensic Engineering

We use evidence based engineering to determine cause and origin of damage to buildings from many different types of causes. We also determine if existing buildings were designed and build in accordance with approved standards.

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Building Evaluations

Current conditions assessment and recommendations for existing buildings. From a site visit to thorough written documentation, we know buildings and can evaluate them for conformance to known model building codes. We provide repair recommendations as part of our evaluation services.

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“Working together, we can achieve our common goal; the collaborative process of creating something tangible is awe inspiring. Mellor Engineering is here to make the design and construction process move more smoothly and exceed client expectations. Our goal is to aid in the construction process without adding unnecessary effort.”
“Every Project is unique with each having a specific set of challenges which can only be met with attention to detail….”


President, Mellor Engineering


Structural Engineering is a very important discipline with regards to buildings.  As licensed California Structural Engineers, our work varies in size and complexity.  Our work ranges from large scale commercial and municipal projects to both small and large residential projects. Mellor Engineering strives to be the top trusted source for superior structural design and engineering in Southern California and beyond; we hold licenses in all Western Region states, such as Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Utah.

We provide unparalleled client care while embracing the core values of honesty and integrity in the California structural engineering profession. Our mission is to change the paradigm of traditional engineer-client relationships and establish meaningful partnerships.  Mellor Engineering appreciates every opportunity to work together to make your envisioned project a reality.

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