We understand that each project is unique
and has specific structural needs.

Mellor Engineering is here to assess the real issues
that may exist to determine the actual scope of work required.
We can review, evaluate and provide repair recommendations
for varying types of structures. Specialty services include seismic engineering services.

Evaluation Services

  • Existing Building Conditions Evaluations
  • Repair Recommendations
  • Pre-purchase Evaluations
  • On-site Observations by a Licensed Engineer
  • Historic Building Evaluations
  • Seismic Evaluation and Repair/Upgrade Recommendations

Specialty Services


Staying true to tenant’s required building functions, we build
code-compliant designs that help commercial buildings to
function in new or more innovative ways.

Seismic Evaluation,
Analysis + Retrofit

We analyze structures prior to seismic events, finding and addressing
areas that should be retrofitted. We also provide post-earthquake analysis
to ensure the safety of a structure and determine any new measures
that need to be taken.

Seismic Design

Building codes are often subject to change in order to keep occupants safe.
We aim to provide seismic design services that are done quickly and cause minimal disruption to tenants, making buildings safer for all.